Unleash the Power of Corporate Travel with Haftaro's Expertise

Experience seamless corporate travel like never before with our bespoke services. Elevate your business journeys to the next level with personalized itineraries, exclusive deals, and world-class convenience.

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Unleash the Power of Corporate Travel with Haftaro's Expertise

Experience seamless corporate travel like never before with our bespoke services. Elevate your business journeys to the next level with personalized itineraries, exclusive deals, and world-class convenience.

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Travel Smart, Craft Success!

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More than 20 Years of Experience!

We’re not just experts; we’re pioneers. Join us on a journey filled with unmatched experiences and expert guidance. Your dream vacation starts here!

Booking Process

Your Hassle-Free Corporate Travel Booking Process

Our Corporate Travel Booking Process is designed to ensure your travel experience is not just efficient but unforgettable. With a dedicated team of experts by your side, we’ll guide you through a hassle-free, four-step journey.

Define Your Travel Needs

Get started by sharing your travel requirements with our expert team. We'll listen, understand, and tailor your corporate journey to perfection.

Tailoring the Ideal Itinerary

Our travel specialists will craft a customized itinerary just for you, ensuring every detail aligns with your business goals and preferences.

Unlock Savings and Value

We'll secure exclusive deals and discounts, optimizing your travel budget while offering premium accommodations and services.

Stress-Free Reservation Process

Sit back as we take care of all the bookings, confirmations, and arrangements. Enjoy a worry-free experience from start to finish.


Our Corporate Travel Service Features

Our Corporate Travel services are thoughtfully designed to elevate your journeys and deliver unparalleled excellence.


Tailored Itineraries Just for You

Experience the luxury of personalized travel itineraries that align perfectly with your business preferences.

Unlock Exclusive Benefits and Savings

Enjoy access to exclusive deals and discounts, ensuring you maximize your travel budget while enjoying premium accommodations and services.

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man using a laptop
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Reap the Benefits of Corporate Travel

Experience the advantages of corporate travel with us, from enhanced productivity to cost savings.

Boost Productivity on the Road

Stay focused on your business objectives, enabling you to make the most of your corporate trips.

Streamline Your Schedule

Our expertly planned itineraries and seamless bookings ensure you make the most of your time, helping you focus on your business priorities.

Ready for Your Next Adventure?

Let’s plan your next adventure together. Schedule a free consultation today, and our experts will guide you towards the experience of a lifetime.


Explore our most FAQs

What services does your travel agency offer?

At Haftaro Travel & Tourism, we are your one-stop destination for all your travel needs. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Flight Tickets: We provide you with a seamless booking experience, helping you secure the best flight deals for your travel plans, whether domestic or international.

  • Hotel Booking: Our agency assists you in finding the perfect accommodations that match your preferences and budget, ensuring a comfortable stay during your trip.

  • VISA Services: We offer expert guidance and support in obtaining visas for various destinations, simplifying the often complex visa application process.

  • Travel Insurance: Protect your journey with our travel insurance options, providing peace of mind and financial security in case of unexpected events during your travels.

  • Travel Packages: Explore our diverse range of travel packages, carefully crafted to suit a variety of interests, from adventure seekers to leisure travelers and everything in between.

  • Corporate Travel: We offer specialized services for businesses, ensuring efficient and cost-effective corporate travel arrangements, from flights to accommodations.

How can I book a tour package or other services with your agency?

Booking with us is easy and convenient. You can:


  • Online Booking: Visit our website and browse our available services. Select the one that suits your preferences and use our user-friendly booking system to secure your reservation.

  • Contact Us: If you prefer personalized assistance, you can reach out to our dedicated travel experts. They will be more than happy to help you choose the perfect package and guide you through the booking process.

  • Visit Our Office: If you're in Dubai, feel free to visit our office, and our friendly staff will assist you in person.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

We understand that plans can change, and flexibility is essential. Our cancellation and refund policy is as follows:


  • Flight Tickets: The cancellation policy for flight tickets depends on the airline's terms and conditions. We will inform you of the specific policy at the time of booking.

  • Hotel Booking: Hotel cancellation policies vary by property and can be provided upon request or during the booking process.

  • VISA Services: Visa application fees are non-refundable. However, we do offer guidance and support to help you through the application process.

  • Travel Insurance: Cancellation and refund policies for travel insurance are detailed in the policy documentation provided upon purchase.

  • Travel Packages: Cancellation policies for travel packages may vary based on the specific package. Please refer to the terms and conditions during the booking process or contact our customer service for details.

  • Corporate Travel: Cancellation policies for corporate travel services are tailored to your business's specific requirements and will be discussed during the booking process.


For further inquiries or assistance, do not hesitate to contact our customer support team. We are dedicated to making your travel experience with us smooth, memorable, and worry-free.

What makes your travel agency stand out from others in the market?

At Haftaro Travel & Tourism, we take pride in our personalized approach, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our travel experts are well-versed in the destinations we serve, and our dedication to crafting memorable journeys sets us apart.

Our Passengers Experience

Khalid bin Rashid
IT Specialist
Read More
Haftaro's efficiency on my Dubai trip was impressive. Their swift responses and expert planning made it stress-free and unforgettable. I highly recommend their service.
Fatima Al Maktoum
Finance Manager
Read More
I can't thank you enough for your quick and efficient service. Your expertise made my travel experience exceptional. Kudos to the Haftaro team.
Aisha Al Hashemi
Hospitality Consultant
Read More
Thanks to Haftaro, getting my Schengen visa was a breeze. Their guidance and support throughout the process were invaluable. I'm grateful for their expertise.
Ahmed Abdullah
Marketing Director
Read More
Haftaro's flight booking service was top-notch. They found the best deals and made the entire process smooth and hassle-free. I couldn't be happier with their service.
Saeed Al Suwaidi
Real Estate Developer
Read More
Haftaro's trip packages are a steal! I got to experience luxury travel without breaking the bank. Their attention to detail and affordable pricing are unbeatable.
Imran Hassan
Software Engineer
Read More
As a Pakistani traveler, I appreciate Haftaro's seamless Dubai visa service. They made the process easy and stress-free. Thank you, Haftaro, for making my Dubai trip a reality.

Your first step towards adventure

    Your first step towards adventure

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